Facade HQ holding Unstoppable Tote Austin Texas 2018


FACADE HQ, A PRODUCER, ARTIST & DJ THAT ENCOURAGES LISTENERS TO THINK PROGRESSIVELY, TO GO BEYOND THE EXTERIOR WE SEE ON FIRST GLANCE. His hybrid sound of deep atmospheric electronica blends House music with raw Hip Hop energy into a sub genre he named Architech™. His live shows are part dance party, part motivational seminars, one minute he’s DJ’ing the next he’s rapping affirmations .  

After moving to Austin Texas from his hometown Jersey City in early 2016, Cecil David Lockwood was inspired by the new surroundings to re-define himself as Facade HQ. His eclectic sound can be heard on his first EP, a concept work titled “INTERIOR DESIGN”. Originally started as a one month social media experiment, and recorded live in one take. Rapping on his own productions, Facade HQ gave an intimate testament of how he overcame artistic depression. Telling stories, dropping gems has always been a distinctive element to Facade HQ’s artistic expression. A digital griot that instigates personal growth.

A creative director by nature; from blogging and designing clothing as a teen, to curating art shows and interior decorating events. Facade HQ is determined to share his unique perspective of art and culture fully with the world. Architecture and modern technology have always been a recurring theme in his work, expressing parallels within House and Hip Hop music is his brand identity. In addition to creating his own productions, Facade HQ has performed nationally throughout North America as tour DJ for Jordan Bratton. Most recently he has performed as an official artist at SXSW 2018. Now with a new sound Facade HQ promotes an uplifting vibration in Austin, alongside his newly formed collective Singata™. Currently Facade HQ, is releasing singles/mashups weekly through his “Foundations” Soundcloud Playlist. He is set to bring his dynamic story-telling show to more stages, creating atmospheres that explore potentiality, with high energy that uplifts.



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